Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back with a Letter


I have been out of my blogging word for about 3 year??? Can't believe that I did such an injustice to my fans!

Anyways, your wait is over and I have decided to blog again. God save all....Amen!

Its not that I have been away for writing for such a duration, but sharing was filtered. Now, may I present a piece from my collection for you....

A girl was about to join an MBA institute. She asked her cousin, who was just going to finish her MBA, to give some tips on how to prepare for a good MBA life.

The following is the mail from big sis to little one, with all the gyan:

Dear sis,

I know you want to be prepared for the life in B-school before you reach there. Seeing your enthusiasm, I remembered the time when I was in your position. Now, that looks like a lost story in the book of my life. MBA is definitely a big change in a student’s life. The transaction can be difficult if you are not guided well, and then you will be left with regret of wasting so much time, just to figure out the ‘ideal way’ of being a really successful MBA. MBA is a challenge of a lifetime, and most-probably the last experience of a student-life. It could be hell if you don’t know how to go about. There are so many subjects and you have to do group and individual projects for each subject, hundreds of assignments and presentations, and on top of that, you need to pass the exams.

But don’t worry. That’s the time when you can take advantage of your big sister’s experience. I will tell you the secret of a good life at a b-school. You need to change some habits… in fact whole of your daily routine. Then life will be much easier. If you really want to be the best manager after your rigorous life in b-school, just follow the below said rules. Remember, these are not easy to do but you got to master them for this master’s degree.

  1. Smile, laugh and be friendly with everyone. Don’t talk bad about anyone to anyone, but listen everything like good friend. Keep your eyes and ears open.
  2. Never hesitate in giving your mobile no. even to boys. In fact, you should have the no. of all people, especially guys, of your batch. This helps in keeping track of who called you when and why.
  3. Your mobile should always have money, to contact anyone anytime.
  4. Keep your cell always charged and NEVER switch it off. Class can be at anytime on any day. There might not be a prior notice. Just an SMS will be there.
  5. NEVER take such offers in which all your SMS are free. You might end up being the SMS-girl of the batch.
  6. Keep the phone no.s of all your faculty as well. Who knows when you might get a call from any of them regarding assignment submission or rescheduling of class or the most important thing - exam portion!
  7. Never have any friction with any faculty. They have power regarding your marks in assignments, presentations and exam. They can also take revenge by not allowing you inside the class and cutting your attendance when you are late in their class (and that will happen often).
  8. Never be too close to any faculty. Other faculty might have problems or your classmates might get jealous and talk behind your back. There IS a possibility that the faculty you are near to might want to be known as impartial and hence might torture you in the same way as of a faculty with vengeance against you; just to keep his/ her image clean.
  9. If you are late for class, either have a good excuse or a broken leg/hand. You might even get away with a puppy face, depending on the nature of your faculty.
  10. The more a faculty talks in the class, the less a student should listen.
  11. Be attentive at the time of roll call.
  12. Be at home in the class. Eat, talk, read books or sleep…it's an art.
  13. Preferably sleep in class, so that you can keep awake at night to finish the assignments given in that class.
  14. Sincerely work on your assignments at night, after you are done with watching movies and playing games.
  15. If your movie finishes the next day, don’t worry! You can still work on your assignment before the class.
  16. If you don’t find time before the class, don’t worry! You can still finish it in the class.
  17. If you don’t find time in the class, don’t worry! You can give a late submission, if you give at all.
  18. Rule for doing individual assignment- wait till others are finished with it. Collect the assignments of the best-brains of the class or the best-copiers of the class and re-engineer them to manufacture your own assignment sheet. Caution- don’t copy line by line from the same person but make sure all that you write from different master-copies makes sense at the end.
  19. The best manager is the one who can efficiently delegate work to his/ her group members (preferably entirely, else take the easiest part).
  20. Best friends are the one who help you in need. Internet is a student’s best friend. It has a collection of PPTs and PDFs.
  21. A student is equivalent to a priest. Hostel room is like a temple. Books are like God, so pious. Do the BOOK-STHAPNA and then never touch them with your dirty hands.
  22. You can study with the help of either PPT or someone who is ready to teach. Find that alien “Jaadoo” in the form of student sooner than others to avail the 1st mover’s advantage.
  23. Do maximum utilization of resources. Avail all the leaves allowed to you in a semester. On top of it, use all the b-fest invitations.
  24. MBA is the period of attaining knowledge. Know all about movies, be it in any language. Use library for latest magazines. Keep yourself aware about what’s going on in campus with whom. These can make you famous and help in your own “PR”.
  25. ALWAYS be aware of notice board. Have some resources for attaining the latest developments from placement office. Don’t forget, your ultimate goal is to get a job.

I know, if you follow these, nobody can stop you to be best manager and a successful MBA. I am sure that you will do a good job. Best of luck!

With love,

Your sis.

Disclaimer: This is a fiction-based mail. Any relation with any particular b-school or any person living or dead is just a co-incidence.


Gajanan said...

I am sure, you didn't followed any of the above suggestions :)

Anjali said...

Who said that???