Friday, November 23, 2012

Do you know Haiti?

The Hurricane Sandy has done its share of disasters. It is sad. Many people lost their lives, many lost their life they are left with no homes. You must be thinking that it happened to a rich country. They have a lot of money in their bank accounts. This is not going to shatter USA. May be. I don't wanna say anything about USA here but there are more people half a globe away that have suffered. They have gone through heart wrecking crisis. Those we don't know. We even have not heard the names of their countries. I was also as unaware as you all some time back. Before this Sandy hit America. 

I was working on my company's latest CSR initiative - Proud Errors. The web-based app shows world-wide charitable causes on the error pages of your website. While browsing through the charitable causes, I came across a number of causes seeking help for building home, feeding children, providing healthcare, empowering women, providing jobs etc. for people in Haiti. Ever heard of Haiti? Never did I before. I though it might be an African country, some tribe may be. Didn't bother to browse further. It was only when I was browsing about Hurricane Sandy, that I came to know Haiti is again hit. My God! It is not an African country. Republic of Haiti is a Caribbean country near the cost of America. OK  to be precise, it is near to don't tell me you don't know Cuba!
Haiti is a very important Caribbean country. It was the 1st Latin American country to become independent, 1st black-led republic, 2nd country to attain independence as a part of successful slave revolution. French is the official language there. Even after such advantages Haiti is the poorest American country, thanks to political and natural turbulence. The tragedy is, this small country and its neighbors on tiny islands are hit again and again, one disaster after another. Countless earthquakes. Before they could recover from the last one, a new one destroyed whatever was build with help of others. This time a hurricane. Those living in temporary camps due to earthquake in 2010 don't even have those camps now. The situation is what I call absolutely heart-wrecking!

You must be thinking....what can we do? We are half a globe away from them. Those who are nearer should go and help.  Yeh! is not your duty...why should you even move an eyebrow, forget donating to those NGOs that are trying to help them? Why should you even talk about it on social media? Not that your family/friends in USA can get aware about this and try to help! Not that anyone you know is in capacity to help! You are wasting your time reading this piece of junk....

but's JUNK but RIGHT!!!

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