Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amazing Answer!

One evening, I was just going through Star-Dust (yeh…the same famous bollywood magazine that has lots of pics of celebz and gossips about their personal lives). I don’t own such magazines coz its expensive indulgence…and according to many people, a useless time-killer. “…there are better books which are still unread…”. So this one, I happened to borrow from my friend who has a great collection of the likes of Star-Dust and Cosmopolitan. I was even using her hostel-room as a library, but I wasn’t alone in such utilization of available resource. Another friend was doing the same out of her boredom. Her target was some other magazine from the same source…our Library of time-killer. As this Library had a non-silence rule, we were sharing gossips and commenting on pics and clothes and lives. I brought on the table an ad which casted a cute milky-white baby. "Kitna cute baby hai yaar…dekho”, I said. The response that I got from my partner in time(killing) is worth sharing!

She said “Mera hoga tab dekhna…iss se bhi sundar hoga!!!”

A unique reply indeed :)

P.S.: All names have been intentionally not mentioned. Any person capable of recognizing the characters in this incident is urged NOT to share it with rest of the world.


Mamta said...

was it by any chance our hostel!?

Anjali said...

Won't tell :P