Friday, November 4, 2011

So Wassup?

“So Wassup?”

An FAQ that becomes very irritating over a period of time.

If everyday the same person asks you Wassup (even with different spellings on chat), it becomes monotonous. The reason is…it’s an open question. Answer can be anything…fan, roof, sky, sun, moon….or whatever crap's happening in life. Moreover, it fails to set direction to the upcoming conversation. The one who asks actually relaxes; he/she is out of trouble. The other soul is in a soup. Imagine yourself giving this answer everyday to a friend or a colleague! Man, its awful to be burdened with the responsibility of leading the conversation into an interesting, enlightening or entertaining fashion EVERY DAY. The fear of becoming a boring chit-chat buddy gives sleepless nights trying to figure out apt answer for this question, whenever asked next.

Now imagine, you are sick and tired of being the topic finder and one day you decide to ask that question before you are asked. “Hey Man….Wassup?”… and to your horror, the reply is..”Nothing much..Wassup with you?” That’s it !!! The question is fired back and you have to re-initiate the conversation. Tedious job.

I know you must be thinking…there are other FAQs for initiating conversation, why write about this one only? And why make a fuss about it? There’s has to be a way to ask about each others lives. Ye ye…righto! But you forgot…you are going through a Junk :P

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Sachin K said...

fan, sun, roof, sky, moon.. the answer is whatever crap is happening in life!! The other soul is in a soup only if the soul pauses to think for an answer.
The quick nature of the question entails a quick response; typically the first thing on your mind!