Friday, April 13, 2007


Hi to all you people out there who dared to visit my Junk page.

Today, I am adding one more junk idea in the thread of previous gr8 torturous works. While I was talking to a human being(ofcourse I am not a Dolittle, so can't talk to animals), I came across a very confusing idea of his. Well, I under no circumstances call that person confusing but yes, the idea was out of my antenna's reach.

He said that itz good if there is less competition. Competition’s so called result is “survival of the fittest”. If there are less people or there is a scarcity of competitive nature, then it is good. Survival is easier……….and you might be the fittest.

This is a popular concept these days. But I choose to differ………..after all we live in a democracy.

Now what do I think??? Yes, guessed right. JUST OPPOSITE!!

It is good to have competition and that too a healthy one. Why? Competition helps one strive harder to reach a level. If you are in a class of intelligent students, and thought you don’t share the same level of intelligence but have the same competitive spirit, then your future is bright. When you step out of that class into the real world, you will realize how much good has been done by this Competition. The worst of a class might be better than the best of other classes. May be that is why one will prefer to be the backbencher of IIM over being the brightest in some new local b-school.

And about survival of fittest……………….well if not fittest, be a fit one. You will still survive. World is BIG!!

So right na??? But still………………………..JUNK!


Siddharth said...

Yeah agreed..see how the civil aviation scenario has changed in the last 3 years. What do you think.. Jet-Sahara deal will increase or decrease the competition...??

Don't think i am stalking you.. :)

Anjali said...


Oh no...never would such a thought cross my mind for someone who is not just reading my blogs but also writing comments.

I do believe that competition is increasing with each aquisition and every take-over. This Jet-Sahara deal is not gonna be any exception....The competition is gonna go higher. I think now the Govt. driven Air India and Indian Airlines are also going to fasten their seat-belts for a take-off(mind it, not a take-over).

Siddharth said...

Yeah... that's why Indian has announced that a ratio of 4:1 will be maintained between Junior and Senior hostess on each of its flight.. :)