Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Two Arrows

In last few days, I have been thinking about writing on different issues, but one thing kept me away from it. And that one thing is making me write again today. That one thing is none other than a 249 pages long book writen by Cornelia Meigs, published in 1949 and named "The Two Arrows". I never thought that I will read such an old book. But since I have been trying to develope reading habbits, I took it not to keep it down before the last page.

The story starts in England and goes beyond the sea to America, generally refered as "the new world". That was the time when America was under British Rule. The story is about two brothers from England who had been convicted of loose talk about the then King and sent to Maryland in America, as was the rule for such crimes. The elder one was a skilled builder amd the younger one, a 13 yr. old kid. The two were bought as bound servents by a rich man of the land who wanted to own the most beautiful house in Maryland. The story didn't concentrate on the elder one or the master of the duo, but on the younger one. The way events happened about him was the content of the book. You may say that the 13 yr. old lad was the Hero.

No I don't intende to tell u the whole story, not even the half one. But I have words for the way story progressed. Before this book, I read a few good stories, specially detective ones, which had clues as to what to expect later. If the reader is alert to pick up these clues, then guessing of what to expect next is very easy. I admire how the different known authors have mastered this skill. In "The Two Arrows", these things were taken good care of and the author succeeded in keeping the interest alive till the end with suspense and quick but interesting events.

Besides all this, the author discribed the beauty of nature and of carved buildings of Noble men with great efficiency. Though, for those who are not aware of the good old days of London or the American land and sea, few paragraphs could seem like just the words passing meaninglessly and boringly. Thanks God, I was able to picturize it..............may be because of the British Movies on Star Movies and HBO.

I am not sure but there might be a Hollywood movie made on it. This book is worth making a movie in my opinion.

At last, I would like to say that if incase you get your hands on it, do read it. And decide for yourself if you like it or not??

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