Monday, March 26, 2007

Indian Cricket Team

Everybody is talking about our Cricket team and the way they performed in this World Cup. I am no exception.....I have been talking about it alot, infront of many people. One of them asked me to write something in my blog. And this is the reason why I am write this second post in the same day.

You all have seen what happened against Bangladesh and Shri Lanka..........pethatic performance. Don't take the world record mach against Bermuda to be a better one. How did they manage to bat for more than 40 overs???

At the match against Bangladesh, while watching the hattrick of duck scores, I remembered the portion from the movie 'Hattrick' where the hero goes on wishing that Dhoni gets out on a duck in every match. Why do the dialogue writter has to put something like this? Or why do Dhoni have to be so desparate to make that comment so true?

Sachin's advertisement of Boost is the secret of my energy and Harr ghar main Sachin is still on TV. God knows what parents think about those products right now. They would better let their children eat eggs so that the little ones become stronger than Sachin. Sehwag's Maa ka aashirwaad worked only against Bermuda in true sense. Well they were the only soft target! Recently I another ad. where Dravid was shouting "out out out out out" and the small kid sticked something on his mouth. How symbolic of Bolti Band.

Few people said that they shouldn't have been allowed to take their wives on the tour. I disagree!! It was a good move to prevent many overboosing and going behind some blond on the carabian beaches. Infact, I feel that now they must be recieving some lessons with jhaaru and balen at home. Afterall Indian wives can't see their hubby fail so badly!!!

Well I hope that all Hu Haa India needs to cool down now. Now even THE BCCI has come into action finally! Some serious consideration must be done now. I hope Chappell gets some real chappal before going to his country. And this time, the coach needs to be an Indian. Froeign coaches might know the game well but they don't know the Indians well enough. Only an Indian can know another Indian's heart and urge to win. As for the foreign councellors who had been employeed for boosting our players' moral must be fired immidiatly. They have already done alot of damage. We do not need the professionalism in our players. They are better off if they play with the whole of their hearts. After all they have done it in past when they won so many matches on the verge of loosing. As far as the latest technology is considered, Indians are the best brains in the business. We should higher Indian professionals, with some foreign training.

As far as captaincy is considered, now that I've seen Rahul's captaincy, I suppose I personally find Ganguly a better captain than Drivid. I don't know if you all did notice or not, the feild setting was pathetic. It deprived our ballers the wickets they deserved. Someone said to me that Dravid was a nervous captain. I don't know if he was nervous or not, he defenitly failed on and off the field. He wasn't able to pull the team together. When Dada was thrown out of the team, one of the reasons given was he said something to one and other thing to another. May be he did something like that but if that helps the game, lets players come together and doesn't let the arguments ruin the performance, then I think itz good. Thatz what captain is suppose to do. Still that's something I feel, my personal opinion.

At last, I think we need someone who could re-energize our players. Those boys need encouragement and appriciation and not regection as the Indian fans given after this kindaa performance. It's not just one or two players performing badly, there is something seriously wrong with the team and the guys need some help. There should be atleast someone in the team like Ajay Jadeja(if not him as a player or member of coaching squard) who can bring the falling shoulders up, make everyone around genuinely happy and never say die even when it seems that the match is lost. That is badly needed right now.

May be a bit of fixing in favour of India ;) .............just kidding!


Rewa said...

Feelings well-expressed Anjali...! Very good one as usual and rightly said. Now, I felt there is nothing in Indian team; they never play for the India.

But one thing I wish govt. should discourage these players for TV advertisement and also wasting lot of funds of Indian that fund should be saved for other needed people instead of spending on these cartoons....They made and are still making fool to everybody. We supported and respected them but, they don’t even respected rest of the Indian’s feelings.

So, instead of ‘HU, HA INDIA’.... Others are telling “THU, THA INDIAN CRICKET TEAM.”


Dheeraj said...

Yaa Thu tha India...
n Sachin should start a new business that is
"chhhaaaye wala..chaye lelo..."

n Sehwag:
"Kawadi aayaaa. kawadi aaaya..Raddi dedo...Paper dedo...tute fute bartan dedoooo... "


Anjali said...

Well I don't think we should be sooo harsh to our players. It is not one, not two but the entire team which failed.So in my opinion, the poor guys r struggeling with something.....they are human. I personally have a soft corner for them and I don't want to see them suffering.

arun said...

penning down our emotions in the sphere of life is to make us cool in our soul.indian team let us down but nevertheless they are human being .we have full right to spit the venom on them and cool down our anger.your's article is like million bloggers emotional outburst on the occasion.

nice way of writing.
i loves the name of your blog"JUNK BUT RIGHT".it shows you have linguistic caliber.good luck to your endevour.

Arun Bharti

preeyanca said...

your way of writinf is nice. but i think indian cricketers need more practice to inproove their performanca.