Monday, March 26, 2007

A movie with Friends

Hi, itz me again.
I know I know........u were expecting me only.

A few days back, rather few weeks back, I went to watch a movie with V J. Now don't start thinking that any of my friends is Vedio Jocky. I am just using the initial letters of the guy's and the gal's name. They are good friends of mine. We went to watch 'Just Married'..........though none of us had been just married (my mom was objecting on this point). Anyways, we went there and V payed for the tickets........he he he he......poor guy, he was expecting me to pay. We were just waiting outside the movie hall for my dad to come and take some documents of official use from me. At that time, a girl of 6 or 7 came to beg......u know, itz not always that u need to visit temple or railway station to find them. So, being good I gave her a coin. I saw her leave and talk to another of her age. Then that other one came and started to beg. First we said that we have given her friend and now she shouldn't come to us, but when she was pulling V's shirt, I gave her a 50 paise coin(luckly I got a few from Metro when I was at Delhi). To our surprise, she didn't leave and started touching V's feet. It was hilarious to see V jumping from one leg to another. He was literally running with that little girl behind him. So, ultimatly I came to his rescue and gave him another 50 paise coin to surrender to that girl.

You must be thinking why I ain't mentioning J? Well she didn't get involve in any of such comedy but J had to pay for the snaks in the name of the treat(AGAIN!!).

Well I end this post here itself, rest in other one. But before I say goodbye, I just want to thank Mr. Santosh for his appreciation and encouragement in the first comment I ever recieved for my posts. I am happy to get one, but I have to clarify one thing, I am not a Navodyaan. Oops!!

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