Thursday, March 15, 2007

Know me

Hi friends......

I am............u can see my name at the right top.
And I am here the same as previous.

Now the question comes.......what I got to write about?
Ofcourse junk. What else do u expect yaar??? I ain't any expert in writing. And don't even dare to be my critic. Just njoy the junk or don't visit the page. That option is always with u. No matter if u read it or not, I will continue to type my head and waste the space of thatz what I wanna do.

Now u must be thinking what Junk But Right means??
Lemmi tell u some insane thing. Let's take whatz called the backward approach. Whatz right never makes sense to people and what don't make sense is be more clear to those preparing for MBA............whatz right is nonsense and all thatz nonsense is junk so junk is but right. Does that make sense??
To me, everything makes sense!!


santosh said...

nice to see efforts from u,being a part of navodaya has always encouraged me to join anavodaya friend, and it seems that u have a nice command on ur pen,good luck

Anjali said...

Thanks for your kind words but I am sorry to inform you that I am not a Navodyaan.