Sunday, March 18, 2007

Does that Hurt?

Hi bloggers!

Don't be missguided, I am not talking about the hurt from the defeat of Indian Team. I am not going to talk about how Bangladeshi batting order thrashed Indian experianced balling to boundries penitrating the fielding fences that our team built....or may be illusioned to build.

What I am going to talk is something completely different. It is really about the real hurt one comes across in his or her life. There are people in this world who have been decieved, in many different ways. Some at share market, some at ordinary market and some at world's fish-market. Then there are people who have suffered loss, business loss and personal loss. There are also those who have got hearts broken by the people they loved. They are different people, from different walks of life and with different accounts of experiances but the one thing they have in common, apart from being human beings, is that they all are hurt. Emotionally, they feel the pain. Some of them cry, some of them yell, some cause disaster, some plot revenge and some do crazy things. But there are also few of those who take it, keep it to themselves, and forgive that one person who hurt them.

Yes thatz true, they say nothing atall. Generally they are those who have been hurt by the person who is very close to their heart. They feel, this person is my parent/relative/spouse/friend and this hurt won't make my feeling bitter for that person and I will continue to think good for him or her.

Well that is done by almost everyone at some point of time in the long life we don't even remember day by day. What about the person who hurts??? Doesn he or she realise it? Realise the love they are blessed to have?

Hmm.........something to think about. If they are asked about why they hurt the one person who is always thinking about doing something good, they will simply say "Coz I want that person to improve. I want him or her to know how cruel the world is and how nobody can be trusted with their emotions. I just wanted to teach that he or she is all alone in this world and nobody will turn to help him or her." That reminds me of a memory from my childhood. I was very small.....wasn't as tall as I am today. Just 3 or 4 yrs. old. I was wiser then. And I was on that huge dinning table which now looks so small. And my bhaiya was asking me to jump. I was afraid. He said that he will hold me as I jump. So I jumped and fell and was hurt. I looked at him in somewhat anger demanding an explanation. He just missed getting me. It wasn't intentional but to look wiser and to hide his fault he said "I wanted to teach you that never trust anyone or you will get hurt."

Some of you will say " true! You got the lesson at such a tender age. You must have been spared of all the hurts." To your disappointment, I never learnt it. I am still the same person who follows heart more than head in the case of near and dear ones. And trust me, I am not alone. There are many who won't show their hurt because they don't want to hurt their loved ones by showing that they are hurt. Does that hurt?

Not at all!!

Surprised??? Follow it and you will come to know why it doesn't hurt. It is never a theory but only practical. Just try it!

Junk for some but right for all................ ;)

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