Friday, July 20, 2007

Sometimes I feel guilty

And not for not blogging frequently. Itz something else. I think I am not alone to get such a feeling but how many confess?? Atleast I do. Don't u?
Oh sorry, I forgot u can't answer as u don't have any clue what exactly I am talking about.

Let me tell u, u don't have any other go..............
I feel guilty that sometimes I talk bad about some people. Not any specific person, but in random, if I don't like something of always ends up in me talking bad about that person.
AND I hate it later. Ofcourse I hate it...............coz deep down inside me, I know I don't hate that person. Leave alone hating.........I like everyone. Or may be I also Love everyone.............I don't know. But one thing is for sure, I don't like myself talking bad about anybody to anybody.....not even to myself.
Does that happen to you too? I don't know. But I am certainly interested in knowing what one can do if such a think happens?

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rewasmriti said...

For the past few weeks I was busy with my hectic schedule and also my lappy was not wid me. Though I found some time to read your blog sometimes but didn't find time to reply anything. Following your post I would like to share my feelings.....I too realized same sometimes but now I avoid talking bad about others. And you are quite young and realizing this! You have v gud analysing capability and in this way you can improve ur way of life from better to best. This is called "Kaizen". Keep it up, this is the way one can make her/his life best! And have you read "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" ? If not then plz read once, in this book you will find the actual meaning of kaizen!