Monday, July 2, 2007

A beautiful Day

This is a rare time of the year, not only for you you are going through another blog from my side.............but also for me. So much of adventure in just few days!! GOSH!!!!

This Saturday was a Trecking Day for us. A small bunch of 9 gals and 13 guys..........apart from 4 co-ordinators. This was most probably the first time I went trecking. And, this was nothing like walking on street. Infact WE REALLY CLIBMED A MOUNTAIN! And there was no path, thatz why we had so tough time with the thorny path. But never mind (coz you don't have mind.........he he he he), we enjoyed the cuts. First we crossed the muddy path. And did I tell you it was raining? Anyways, now you know, we had a walk in rain. Some person's feet getting stuck in mud, my sandle came out fortunatly. I washed my leg in the nearby stream. Then started the climbing path and then we were on ROCK only. In excitement, I became the only girl to climb that slippery path higher. When I looked back, there was nothing.............just the gehri khaai . Leaving all the excitement of being on the top, I satred thinking what a single slip can do? Seedhe Uppar Pahunch Jaate Boss .

But thanks to the sandles from @ction and my stupid dancing and high hills...............I safly got down. The fear disappeared as soon as I figured out the technique. On the way back, there was one guy who was, to my surprise, quiet. The one to be the 1st one to run for pics when we were going up didn't even turned to be seen in any pics while returning. My only expression was "What has happened with this guy?? Did something go wrong?"
It was the 1st time I talked to him. His reply was......."My Heart Doesn't Feel Happy". I tried to make him happy with my stupid talks (ok enough! I don't do that often), thinking in my mind how stupid it is to talk to someone so unknown?? stupid am I sounding??..............what will he think about me??

To my surprise (though I won't know if he thought my talks to be stupid or not) we were talking in the evening. He opened himself to me. And it was raining. And the trecking gave a friend to me.

Yes, so junk..................but right.

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